Thursday, July 18, 2013

My mom loves roosters!

We decided Wednesday morning to get up early and head out to a little petting zoo. We thought getting there early would give us some 'cool' time. But um, no. 

So we just tried our best to ignore the sweltering temps and make the most of it.

Pierce decided real quick that these animals licking his hands wasn't for him

Good thing for him they had some handy-dandy pulley system to feed the animals.

 Even Hope was 'icked' out a few times

As her face clearly says.

Mom, they had these roosters all over the place and each time I saw one I thought of you!

I'd be rolling along having a good ol' time

And then, "MY MOM LOVES ROOSTERS!" would come out of my mouth and I'd take a pic.

Hotter than hades out there

 But good thing for us, we can have fun no matter what.

You know Pierce is gong through this stage where posing for me just isn't happening anymore. But he will give me this, and I'll take it.

Thankfully, Hope's still game.

It was a fun morning! Glad we are getting all this time to make memories with our Northern family.

 And one last rooster, well because, "MY MOM LOVES ROOSTERS!"


Alicia Mcafee said...

Roosters. Hilarious!!

Tracey said...

Dude, this hotter than hades makes me irritable!!

I like roosters too! :)