Friday, July 5, 2013

The strangest fourth I ever remember.

I woke up with what felt like an extra spring in my step on this particular Fourth of July. Maybe it was because I slept in my bed the night before, or maybe I'm still just living on the high of being home? But either way, the rain that was going on outside, didn't dampen my mood at all. 

Rain or shine, G was ready to have a good day. 

And we did! Shopping, eating large burgers....

ALL recipes for fun.

And of course I had plans on putting the kids in cute outfits for the holiday. You know, still trying to work that angle while I can.

I really thought with all the rain that came down all day, there was no way we'd be having any fireworks, but lo' and behold the rains stopped right around 7 o'clock, and it was on.

And for the first time, I think in my life, I had to put on a jacket and hat to go watch the fireworks.

And forget the cute festive outfits!

It was jeans and fleece time. STRANGE.

I'm sure I will always remember this Fourth of July as, "the cold one."


But the neatest thing happened, suddenly it totally cleared up and the skies became beautiful.

And there was even a rainbow!

Temps in the 60's, rain, sunsets, and rainbows. STA-RANGE.

Like Paul said, "it looked like Gettysburg out there" and I'm not sure but I may have heard the faint echo of Taps in the distance.

We finally ended the night with a gorgeous light show, all the whilst bundled up.

Definitely a strange one, but I'm not complaining!

I love my family and had a great day.


Hillary said...

That is all just cray cray!! But how awesome to not have to sweat though all of the 4th of July festivities!


Susie said...

It sure was a different 4th with the temperature!! But last year was very hot in the 100's! Glad you all had fun!!

Jami said...

Beautiful pictures of the sky. Everyone looks happy to be back together.

Tracey said...

It WAS a strange fourth!!! But glad you guys had a good time! I miss you.

Kerry said...

Sounds like it was a fun day regardless of what Mother Nature threw your way :)