Monday, July 15, 2013

Michigan in July

In the twelve years that I've been with Paul, almost all of our visits up North to see his family have been during the winter months. Actually I don't even remember the last time I was up here in the summer.
I guess it was a couple months ago that Paul started talking about a summer visit to see his parents, and one thing lead to another, and well, here we are!
And it's strange.

I associate Michigan with snow, sitting around in my big socks, big warm happy pants, drinking coffee, and sitting by the fire.

But it's hot up here!

Like jump off the dock into the lake kind of hot.

Like, who cares about a water borne illness kind of hot!

But aside from hot, it's beautiful!

Pam and Tom have a friend with a lake house, and they were kind enough to invite us over to take it all in.

Pierce told me it was one of the best days of his life.

And I'm pretty sure it had a lot to do with fishing with his daddy and grandpa. 

I was happy to just sit in the shade and watch them fish, and hoop and holla when they caught one.

And I will have you know I was whoppin' it up more than in my cheerleading days

Because it was one fish after another!


It was this fish...

A 15 inch large mouth bass! (Which apparently is a big deal, and I only know this because I was told so)

We could all see that Pierce was really struggling with his line, and eventually he started to yell for help. Paul had to finish reeling it in for him, but this was all Pierce's and so exciting for him!

Hope was a little put out that her brother stole her thunder, but nothing that a little late night swim wouldn't cure.

And this is when I came to a conclusion.

Michigan in July?

I like you.

We all like you.


Tracey said...

Those pics are gorgeous! I like Michigan in July, too. :)

Go Pierce!!! 15 inch bass???? Well, that's just awesome (if you say so!)!!

Susie said...

What a nice and fun visit with the family!!

Jami said...

Michigan is beautiful in July. Glad you are having fun, you've had a fun summer :)