Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A day with our animals

In attempts to fit all the fun we can in before school starts, we went to the Zoo last week. 


Because that's exactly how I was feeling after we left. 

What a cute little group, right?

Yeah, well, my kids were being oh what's the word? Oh yeah, DIFFICULT that day. AS HOPE'S EXPRESSION SHOWS.  (She was upset that her sandwich had crust on it. Uh-huh.)

What a stinker.

There were moments of zoo bliss, but all of the kids seemed they were only interested in one thing.

So we gave them what they wanted...

 So overall the animal part of the day was pretty limited

While the food ran abundant.

But you know what, that's okay.

Even the not-so-perfect days are still pretty great.

Tiring day, but still a fun day with our little animals.


Susie said...

Fun times with friends!!

Jami said...

The zoo is always a fun day!