Thursday, May 24, 2012

End of the year activities.

We've finished another school year, and it's been a great one!

As much as Pierce can complain about school, he really is a great student. And of course watching him grow and mature, makes me a teary mess. 

These last two days, have been all about fun, and I'm so happy I was able to join. 

Wednesday was field day.  My idea of a nightmare in school, Pierce's idea of delight. 

 At 80 something degrees, in the direct sun, I found it odd he wanted to wear TWO shirts.

But as his mom, I find almost everything he does ridiculously cute.
 I volunteered to help out for the morning, and they put me at the water game station. Of course, a bonus of volunteering is keeping your eyes on your child.
 When breaks would come up, I would look for the class in green and go snap a few pics.
 His class dominated in the good ol' tug-of-war.
 And I'd say he was pretty happy about that.
 Oh my, these feats of athleticism stress me out.
 My mind kept wondering how Hope would manage in these events next year, SINCE I WILL HAVE TWO KIDS IN SCHOOL. I'm not sad about that or anything.
 None of the events seemed to faze Pierce.....except for the relay race. HE WAS NERVOUS.
 I placed myself at the end of the track to get a birds eye view of the action.
 I was ALWAYS last in running. Thankfully, Pierce got his father's athletic abilities, but I could see that he probably wasn't going to win.
 A big deal in the scheme of things? No. Big deal to a 7 year old? Yes.
 After some brief sadness, field day came to a close. But we still had one more day of school, before we could seriously celebrate.

Today, Hope and I headed to school so we could experience a special treat.
 We placed ourselves on a blanket, underneath a tree, and Pierce read to us.

He's come a long way with his reading this year, and we are all so proud of his progress.

Hope and I relaxed.

While we listened to Pierce read about our continents.

 And I sat back and took in my sweet kids.

An official second grader, and kindergartner.

One last time at his first grade desk....

And well, THIS says it all, doesn't it?

Let's get this summer started!!!!!


Susie said...

What a fun day!! Love the picture of the two of them!!

Jill said...

YEA for summer break!!! :)

Jami said...

Love the red faced look. I used to "dislike" field day as well. No athletic abilities here.
They are too cute, and getting too big. Let's slow time down.

Jaime Mac said...

Love the last pic of them together. Too cute!
And poor, Pierce having to work so hard to read to you gals while you just laid back & relaxed. Hmph. :)

The McAfee's said...

SOOO fun!! I've been a teary mess this week! I have a 1st grader!! HOLY COW! I feel your pain! :)

Tracey said...

What sweet pics of the kids :) I never liked field day...too hot and sweaty! ;) I love that Pierce got to read to you....presh!!