Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Going to watch the fire department cut up the van."

My sister and I talk every single day. In the course of our conversations, we always ask each other what the plans for the day are..

Jo: "What are you all doing tonight?"

Gretchen: "Going to watch the fire department cut up the van."

Jo: "Oh my. That sounds so Kentucky."


The poor van. It was no longer safe to drive, and it wasn't worth fixing. So Paul decided that he would donate it to the fire department for extraction training.  

And let me tell you we had been talking about this for weeks! The kids were so excited to go watch the van get cut up, like it was a sporting event. So I was very taken back at their reaction when they saw the van again.

They ran to it like a long lost love...

And they were both SO happy to see it again, and even wanted to get in it and look around.

And when I told the kids it was time to get started, I was very taken aback by the tears that followed.
 Oh my word. I was beginning to think I might have to take these two home!

But the arrival of daddy helped ease all of the emotions. 

And here they all stood, all these firefighters lined up around our van, ready to dismember her little by little.
And here THEY were. THE JAWS OF LIFE. I had never seen one of these thingies in person, and was always kind of curious what they looked like. And this is it, this is what would cut you out of your vehicle if you ever need to be cut out.

 And so it began...

And then all of a sudden, I felt sad! Like my poor van had lost her left arm. 

But I still wouldn't want it back, so let the demolition continue boys.

One minute the glass is there...
 Next second, it's gone.

I was surprised at how long it took, but apparently you have to be really careful about it.

 And then if your front windshield wont shatter with that special tool they use, they will just SMASH IN YOUR WINDOW WITH AN AX.  That wouldn't be scary or anything.

 Notice the glass pieces flying around?

I sure pray that I never have to be taken out of my vehicle in such a violent fashion.
 But I'm glad we could sacrifice our vehicle for the greater good.
 Thanks for the memories van.


Hillary said...

Oh I would be kinda sad too! How sad for old faithful but how fun to watch too!


Jaime Mac said...

Oh my...I'm not gonna lie...I was a little upset by this myself. WOW!
(But the pic of rico posing with the door was kinda funny...)

That was awesome of you to offer up the van as a sacrificial lamb. I'm sure the boys enjoyed playing, er I mean training by destroying it... :)

Susie said...

Oh that would have been scary seeing!! That was sad that the kids didn't want to see the van go. That was a good cause though.

Angie said...

Aww your poor van! That would have totally made me sad :(

Jami said...

Oh my word, that is awesome! Can't believe the kids got so sad. Love the pic of Paul and the door.

Tracey said...

Um, was Pierce kissing the van door? Oh my.

Paul is my hero.

I will miss that van. Brings back memories!

The McAfee's said...

How nice of you to donate it! I would have cried. I am such a baby! I saw it once at some demo and it is neat but I pray we never have to be cut out that way!